Priorities for Our Families.

good-paying jobs

As a small business owner, Blaine has real-world experience creating jobs and bringing new employers to our community. He fought to locate hundreds of new jobs in our community as director of our economic development council. In the Legislature, Blaine backed a plan to target the creation of more good-paying jobs in our rural communities, and he laid the groundwork for an infrastructure plan that will create new jobs and help drive our local economy. On Blaine's watch, more Kansans are working. More than 22,700 new jobs have been added to our economy over the past year and Kansas has achieved its lowest unemployment rate in nearly 20 years.

Great local schools

As the first member of his family to graduate from college, Blaine knows the value of education. This year, he helped craft a plan to fund our schools without raising taxes. He also fought successfully to target our education dollars to the classroom - particularly toward at-risk and special education services - and to increase accountability. Blaine has also helped pass increased investments in technical education, giving more of our students access to the training they need to fill existing workforce demands in good-paying sectors like welding, nursing and manufacturing.


From tougher penalties for DUI offenders to better rehabilitation opportunities for juveniles, Blaine has made public safety one of his top priorities. As chairman of the Judiciary committee, he's taken the lead to crack down on human trafficking crimes, safeguard our police officers from swatting crimes, and implement stricter penalties for criminals that prey on Kansas seniors. He also fought to bring more transparency and accountability to the serious flaws impacting the state's foster care system, and he fought to hold companies like Equifax accountable for breaching our personal data.

fair taxes & BUDGETING

Blaine believes government must live within its means and make disciplined financial decisions for our future. He voted against reckless fiscal policies and helped implement performance-based budgeting. Blaine fought successfully to put a stop to the tax favors and loopholes that had allowed certain corporations to skirt paying taxes while our families and businesses unfairly picked up their tab. Blaine also fought to balance the budget, restoring funds to essential services like our healthcare, nursing homes, law enforcement and mental health. His work to bring about fiscal stability has restored our state's credit rating after prior leaders had caused a national downgrade.

strong kansas values

As a lifelong Kansan, Blaine knows our state is rooted in the values of hard work, personal responsibility and compassion for others. He is pro-life and pro-Second Amendment. Blaine is also endorsed in this race by the Kansas Farm Bureau and the Kansas Livestock Association whose local members stand for preserving the Kansas values of the generations of Kansas farmers and ranchers who came before them.

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