Trusted. Tested. Tough.

Finch for Kansas

Trusted. Tested. Tough.

I answer to you, not the Topeka lobbyists that keep trying to call the shots for our families. When it comes to standing up for us and our way of life, I won’t quit because I was raised to fight for what’s right.

TRUSTED. You know me and you know my commitment to our community. I'm a fifth-generation Franklin Countian and a downtown small business owner. During the legislative session, I travel back every night to rural Ottawa because this is my home. I'd rather be here, close to family and our community, than getting caught up in the Topeka scene like so many career politicians do.

TESTED. Time and time again, I've bucked the Topeka insiders in order to protect the best interests of our families and our local businesses. That hasn't made the lobbyists too happy, but I don't work for them. I work for you.

TOUGH. Too many folks say they'll be tough, but when they get to Topeka they just fall in line with the status quo. You and I both know the status quo isn't getting us anywhere. That's why I'm not afraid to speak up, ask the tough questions and buck the insiders in Topeka in order to get the job done.

For too long, the lobbyists and career politicians have had the power. Their failed ideas have jeopardized our healthcare, entangled our state in costly lawsuits, and taken our economy off track. But, we've pushed back and we're winning the fight to put our families first. We can’t back down now. Keep fighting with me! I ask for the privilege of your vote on August 7.